Strenthening realtionships  between science and leadership in high-tech industry

I believe that people work best when they are in resonance with the world around them. Resonance isn’t the same as a good fit. It doesn’t even require alignment. Resonance is a positive feedback loop of energy that maximizes work output while minimizing the cost.

I support high-level executives and technical experts in working in resonance with each other so that they can thrive in the high-tech marketplace. You can rest assured that with over 15 years of experience as a certified mediator; PhD-level research in both academia and industry, and an MBA with practical leadership experience, I have what it takes to help you and your team reach the next level of performance.



I had finished my PhD from MIT and was nearing completion of postdoctoral studies, on track for a research-intensive academic career, when I took a chance. I followed the love of my life—now my husband of 17 years—to Washington, D.C. for a two-year stint as a government contractor. In the State Department’s diplomatic office in charge of reducing the threat of chemical weapons use abroad (ISN/CTR/CSP), I was both able to use my scientific expertise day-to-day and expand my horizons to the international diplomatic stage. Since my fellowship contract spanned the 2013 Syria chemical weapons crisis, I also had my fair share of crisis management and public scrutiny.


Although my PhD work taught me to think very deeply and to create new knowledge, it left me underprepared for the challenge of using my scientific expertise alongside the vast logistical and political organizations that run the practical side of stepping in to solve a global crisis. It was this very question of how to integrate deep scientific expertise into the nontechnical organizations that can really from it that led me to earn my MBA after the fellowship was complete. Now, I use the MBA/PhD combination, along with my certificate of mediation from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and my personal experience advancing from technical to top managerial positions in two technology startups, to help executives and technical experts work together effectively to maximize the impact of their technological solutions on the world.



Working with Resonance: Helping Executives and Technical Experts Work Together to Maximize Results

This keynote brings executive leadership and technical talent together and provides tools for working together to create resonance for long-term growth, both for the company and for each individual. It integrates techniques from mediation and negotiation to enable participants to expand their frames of reference, to gain clarity on their own and each other’s goals and expectations, and to resonate together so that the company can flourish.

Bringing Out the Best in Technical Talent: Supporting Executives to Create Environments where their Experts Thrive

Top technical talent is key for competitive advantage in the high-tech R&D focused marketplace. This workshop illuminates common assumptions and goals that highly trained technical talent often carry into the workplace and that can seem at odds with broader organizational goals. This talk will pinpoint ways that leadership can create systems that bring out the best in their valuable technical workforce and keep creative technical advances flowing.

Putting Your Scientific Superpowers to Work: Enabling Technical Experts to Apply Their Skills for Everyone’s Benefit

This workshop shines a light on basic assumptions in an industrial environment that might have been overlooked or even contradicted during academic training. It pinpoints how everyday habits of STEM thinking can apply to the industrial setting to drive both company success and personal productivity. The workshop is ideal both for new entrants into the industrial workforce and for experienced technical talent who are interested in advancing their leadership influence in the company.

“Dr. Simon has an incredible wealth of emotional intelligence and is very deliberate with her words. Dr. Simon’s business acumen, startup experience and scientific knowledge make her uniquely positioned to provide valuable career advice.”
“Wonderful presentation. The talk was very informative, well-organized, engaging and easy to follow.”
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